Plan Medigap staff

National Client Services Team

David Howe

David Howe | Senior Medigap Specialist

Born: Dallas, TX

Hobbies: Reading the Bible and writing songs

“Well aware of how puzzling Medicare can be, I’m passionate about equipping seniors with the mastery to choose the best Medicare coverage for themselves and their families. It’s so much fun helping clients save money too.”

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Lauren Zack

Lauren Zack | Administrative Specialist

Born: Chicago, IL

Hobbies: Spending time with my daughters

“As a Plan Medigap representative, I aspire to provide you with the upmost  care and ensure your concerns are understood!”

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Hannah Freeman

Hannah Freeman | Marketing Specialist

Born: Hattiesburg, MS

Hobbies: Playing with my dogs

“We are constantly educating our clients on the best plan for their unique situation. Taking on a one on one approach with our clients is the ONLY way we work.”

Madison Mitrione

Madison Mitrione | Marketing Specialist

Born: Dallas, TX

Hobbies: Traveling

“I love working with Plan Medigap because they not only focus on educating seniors, but they take the time to make sure their clients actually understand why the plan they are getting is the best one that fits them.”


Support Services Team


Tim Bergeron

Tim Bergeron | Director of Operations

Born: Houston, TX

Hobbies: Spending time with family, woodworking

“I love working at Plan Medigap because I’m surrounded by employees who are ethical and passionate about seniors. Every day is an opportunity to improve the well-being of a new client – and we hope that’s you!”

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David Zappasodi

David Zappasodi | Director of Information Systems

Born: Baltimore, MD

Hobbies: Coaching baseball and playing basketball

“When we started PlanMedigap, we wanted to create a successful business place for our employees, while providing honest services for seniors. We have a promising future in front of us, but keeping our core values at the center of growth is a priority.”



Matt Zappasodi | Market Research Analyst

Born: Baltimore, MD

Hobbies: Photography, Baseball

“Many seniors are concerned with changes in the new health law. Plan Medigap is always on the forefront of any new legislation and can tailor those changes to your specific situation.”



Executive Leadership

Rebecca Zappasodi

Rebecca Zappasodi | President

Born: St. Louis, Missouri

Hobbies: Raising 4 boys

“I love helping people, that is why I started Plan Medigap. I was so frustrated with the insurance industry, so I took my insight, and put it to use helping others. Providing for our clients is where we shine, let us show you how we can serve you.”

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