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Bankers Fidelity is pleased to announce a new Medicare Supplement product – Atlantic Capital Life Assurance Company (ACLAC)! This is a new charter that is being released in AR, AZ, GA, IN, MS, NM, NC & TX.  Built upon the same great foundational values that made Bankers Fidelity such a successful product, Atlantic Capital Life Assurance Company is sure to be a stout competitor amongst all the Medicare Supplement offerings.

A Medigap plan with ACLAC will help cover the expenses that Medicare does not pick up. Medicare is primary and Atlantic Capital Life Assurance Medicare Supplement will be secondary.

Atlantic Capital Life will offer the following great plans in the above states:

Plan A, B, D, G, K, L, M & N

Plan C & F if eligible for Medicare prior to 2020.

Some of the benefits you can expect:

  • 7% household discount (depends on state)
  • Guaranteed Renewable
  • Competitive rates
  • Can see any provider in the country that accepts Medicare
  • AM Best rating of A- (Excellent)
  • No referrals necessary
  • Foreign travel benefit (depending on plan)

Give us a call at 800-750-2407 to see if a Medicare Supplement plan with Atlantic Capital Life Assurance Company is right for you!