Affordable Dental Insurance for Seniors

Dental Vision & Hearing plans for less than $50 a month!

Dental insurance is hard to come by with both Medicare and Medigap plans. It is usually a separate plan you have to purchase in addition to Medicare or Medicare Supplement plans because neither give you much coverage. We have options for dental insurance that include vision and hearing, that are the most affordable.

Here are a few advantages of the dental plan:

  • Choose your dentist – NO NETWORKS
  • Family Rates (includes maximum of 3 children)$1,000 – $1,500 policy year benefit option available
  • Dental Cleanings Immediately
  • Guaranteed Issue
  • Guaranteed Renewable
  • Climbing Benefits
  • Plans Start at $30 a Month
Dental, Vision and Hearing Insurance

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Vision Coverage

This Dental plan also includes Vision and Hearing benefits. Routine vision exams may help in maintaining good overall health and recognize any problems that can lead vision complications. Get coverage on eye exams, eyeglasses, and contact lenses with this combined plan. Just like dental insurance, you may choose your own eye doctor.

Hearing Coverage 

Need a hearing exam? As an aging adult, hearing loss may occur and affect the normal day-to-day activities.  This combined plan includes coverage on exams, hearing aids, and essential repairs and supplies that Medicare usually does not cover.

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