How Will Future Healthcare Changes Affect You?

By April 11, 2013Uncategorized

Healthcare Changes can affect many people. “Under current law, anyone over 65 who fails to buy private catastrophic insurance coverage is taking a huge risk.”

In a recent article entitled: Obama’s Medicare Plan: Seniors Will Pay More, the facts speak for themselves. Without private supplemental health insurance, seniors will find increased bills & out of pocket expenses. There is no reason to place this financial burden on yourself or those you love.

The role of a Medicare Supplement is to fill in the “gaps” for you where Medicare stops. Now more than ever as Medicare is increasingly trimmed, seniors are in need of coverage that will transfer the risk off of them & onto the insurance company.

At Plan Medigap our job is to offer you the BEST rates in your zip code & allow you to choose the insurance company YOU want to be insured with.

Our services are completely free to you. Keep these facts in mind when choosing a Medicare Supplement:

1. Insurance rates are contracted with each company. For you this means that if you go directly through an insurance company, or you work with a broker, your premium is the SAME! However, a broker will always be in your best interest. We work for YOU, not an insurance company.arrow
2. The benefits of having a broker work for you and compare rates for you in undeniable. You will have personal service with our company & a direct line to our agents that you cannot get through a large insurance company.
3. We offer annual reviews to our clients. This allows you to compare you options in the years to come when your rates go up, the ensure you are with the company that offers you the BEST RATE IN THE MARKET.

If you already have a Medicare Supplement, we can help save you up to 30% by comparing your rates. We have saved clients up to $500/year on their Medicare Supplement premiums.

We would love to serve you as well! If you are new to Medicare or are looking to lower a rate, we will get you the best rate on the market. Give us a call & see why we are the best in the industry!