Humana Achieve Medicare Supplement

Humana is no stranger to Medicare Supplement Policies, but with their new Achieve product, they aim to compete with some of the most competitive companies in the market.  Now available in over half the country are some of the lowest Plan F, Plan G and Plan N rates we’ve seen!  Recently, Humana went “all in” on the Medicare market saying goodbye to its Employer plans in the under 65 market.  This signals a strong desire to be a mainstay in the Medicare Supplement market adding to their already Fortune 100 reputation.

Humana Achieve Medicare Supplement includes:

  • Credit Card payments accepted! (Not allowed with other companies)
  • 12% household discount
  • $2 per month discount when premium paid with EFT or credit card
  • Streamlined Application
  • Guaranteed Renewable

Humana’s Achieve offers the same benefits as all Medigap Policies:

  • No referrals necessary
  • Accepted anywhere Medicare is accepted
  • No prior authorization required
  • No pre-existing conditions applied
  • Foreign travel benefit (depending on plan)

Give us a call at 800-750-2407 to see if Humana’s Achieve Medicare Supplement is right for you! You may also visit our quote page and we’ll be happy to call you back with a quote!