Humana Medicare Prescription Drug Plan

  • There are three Medicare Part D plans Humana offers. 
  • Humana Medicare Part D is available nationwide.
  • There is coverage for over 50,000+ pharmacies with Humana.

If you have Medicare Part A and Part B, you may need additional coverage for prescription drugs. 

Currently, Hummana is one of the largest providers for Medicare Part D plans nationwide. Humana Medicare Part D plans are available in all 50 states. Presently, Humana offers three plans and a network of 50,000+ pharmacies and thousands of preferred pharmacies for extra discounts.

What do Humana Medicare Prescription Drug Plans Cover?

Humana formularies generally include around 3,500+ different drugs which can be accessed on their site. Providers can decide which drugs to have, but Medicare rules state that each Part D plan covers a minimum of two medications from each of these six categories:


anticancer drugs

(unless under Medicare Part B coverage)

anticonvulsive treatments for seizure disorders




antipsychotic medications


HIV and AIDS treatments


immunosuppressant medications

Part D plans must also cover all commercially available vaccines, except those that Medicare Part B covers, such as the annual flu shot.

What are the costs for Humana Prescription Plan?

There can be various costs associated with Medicare Part D plans, including deductibles, premiums, copays, coinsurance, and more. Next, we’ll take a look at what the costs are for Humana plans in 2021.


Here’s a breakdown of how each plan handles annual deductibles:


Premiums for Humana Medicare Part D can start as low as $0 if you qualify for Extra Help. These rates vary depending on where you live. You can enter your specific ZIP code to search for prices using Medicare’s plan finder tool.


The Humana Walmart Value Rx Plan and the Humana Premier Rx Plan offers:

  • $0 deductibles
  • low or no copays for tier 1 and 2 prescription drugs
  • cost-sharing options

Depending on the medications you take, you can review the different types of coverage and costs to see which plan suits you best.