Forethought Medicare supplement

About Forethought Financial Group, Inc.

Forethought provides financial solutions for those planning for retirement and end-of-life needs. In 2013 they were bought out by Global Atlantic Financial Group. Most noteworthy, the company exhibits success by strong financial performance and a proven reputation for honoring its commitments. While medicare insurance varies by state, it is helpful to gather comparative information of what each company offers. Give us a call to find out if Forethought/Global Atlantic offers plans in your state. 800-750-2407

2009 Tops $4 billion in assets
2009 Surpasses $1 billion in total sales


global atlantic financial group


In business since 1985, the company established its foundation in the pre-need life insurance sector. Furthermore, they have expanded their offerings to include annuities, life insurance and other financial products.

Forethought (Global Atlantic) delivers financial solutions for those seeking to plan for their own financial future or reduce the burden of loss for loved ones. In addition, to help reduce the costs of medical care.

Global Atlantic has never been stronger or in a better position for growth. As a result, the company supports a solid foundation of financial stability, 25-year track record of proven integrity, and growing line of high-value products. Global Atlantic focuses on delivering – for customers, distribution partners and shareholders.

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