Loyal American Life Insurance Company

Loyal American Life Insurance

Loyal American Life Insurance Company was founded in 1955 in Alabama.  It later became a Cigna company offering Medicare Supplements in many states across the country.  They are now located in Austin, Texas.  Along with Medicare Supplement Insurance, LOYAL also offers Accident Expense, Lump Sum Cancer, Heart Attack/Stroke and Whole Life insurance policies.  This only adds to the deep product line that Cigna already has developed.  They continue to separate themselves from their competition with competitive rates and exceptional benefits.  Their mission is simple: to help the people they serve improve their health, well-being and sense of security.

Loyal’s value to the customer:Loyal American Life Insurance

    • No membership or association fees
    • Value-added customer programs
    • Cigna Healthcare 24-hour Health Information Line
    • MyPolicyHQ.com
    • Quick claims process (electric and auto-adjudicated)

Find out how Plan Medigap can get you signed up for a Medicare Supplement with Loyal American Life Insurance Co. by calling us at (800) 750-2407, visiting our quote page, or click below to see competitive rates in your area for Loyal American Life Insurance Co.’s Medicare Supplement!