Woodmen of the World and Assured Life

Woodmen of the World and Assured Life

Woodmen of the World and Assured Life Association was founded in 1890 with four guiding principles:

  • Hospitality
  • Service
  • Loyalty
  • Protection


The principles represent the societies core principles. Woodmen of the World and Assured Life, believes in joining together in common interests, values, goals and community service projects. Service represents giving back to the community through member directed campaigns. Loyalty represents Woodmen Assured faith in God and allegiance to our country. Protection is demonstrated in their individual life insurance products. Our society currently offers 7 different Medicare Supplement plans, depending upon the state in which you live, all with slightly different benefits and premiums.  Premiums are dependent upon where you live. It is important to get coverage for the gaps left by Medicare Parts A and B.  Let Plan Medigap help you find the best plan for you and your budget.

Woodmen of the World and/or Assured Life Association does not administer their Medicare Supplement Products out of their home office. They use a 3rd party Medicare Supplement Administrator.

Woodmen of the World
Assured Life Association
can be contacted at:
6030 Greenwood Plaza Blvd Suite 100
Greenwood, Village, CO 80111