Naussau Life Medicare Supplement

Nassau Life

Plan Medigap is excited to offer the Nassau Life Medicare Supplement plan! As one of the newest Medicare Supplements on the market Nassau Life specializes in rapid underwriting and policy issuance. Meaning you could be approved and issued in just days! For those living with an adult over the age of 50, Nassau Life offers a generous 7% household discount.

Nassau Life Insurance Company was formerly known as The Pyramid Life Insurance Company and has a long history in providing Medicare Supplements. Nassau Life prides itself on maintaining three core values: service, commitment, and integrity.

Additional Benefits:

  • Nationwide coverage with the flexibility to see any doctor or hospital that accepts Medicare
  • No referrals required for specialists
  • Guarantee renewable – clients cannot be canceled for health conditions or medical usage provided premiums are paid on time

Nassau Life Insurance Supplemental

To find out if a Nassau Life Medicare Supplement is a good option for you, please visit our quote page or call us at (800) 750-2407!