Alaska Medicare Supplement Plans

Alaska is the largest state in the United States and has some of the highest healthcare costs.  Consequently, health insurance is more expensive. This makes a competitive market for Alaska medicare supplement plans.

Alaska has a population of 742,000 with seniors (age 65 and older) making up 10% of its total population.

Alaska Quick Medicare Facts

  • There are approximately 84,000 Medicare beneficiaries in Alaska (2015,
  • Around 12,380 individuals have a Medicare Supplement or “Medigap” policy (2015,
  • The most popular Alaska Medicare Supplement Plans are Plan F, J, and N (2015,

A Medigap policy, or Medicare Supplement Plan, is additional coverage to help pay some of the out-of-pocket expenses not covered by Original Medicare. These policies are sold by private insurance companies contracted with Medicare and work in conjunction with Medicare Part A and B. Like most states, Alaska has ten standardized Medigap policies each identified with a letter from A through N. In each state, each lettered Medigap policy have the same benefits with the only difference is the private insurance company and their monthly premium cost.

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