North Dakota Medicare Supplement Plans

Ohio Medicare Supplement Plans

Ohio is the 7th most populous state with 11.6 million residents. Seniors (age 65 and older) make up 16% of its total population. In Ohio, heart disease is the leading-cause of death in the state. Among insurance payers, Medicare spent the highest amount for medical costs in 2010 (2010, Purchasing a Medicare Supplement may help with any surprising Medicare-related expenses that require you to pay them out-of-pocket.

Ohio Medicare Facts

  • There are 2.2 million residents covered under Medicare (2015,
  • Roughly, 430,000 beneficiaries are have an Ohio Medicare Supplement Plan or “Medigap” policy. (2015,
  • The most popular Ohio Medicare Supplement Plans are Plan C, F, and N. (2015,

Ohio Medicare beneficiaries have the option to enroll in an Ohio Medicare Supplement Plan which can help cover some out-of-pocket expenses not covered by Original Medicare. Just like most states, there are ten standardized Medicare Supplement Plans each labeled with a letter from A through N. The best time to enroll in an Ohio Medicare Supplement Plan is during your Medigap Open Enrollment Period which begins the month you turn 65 or older and enrolled in Medicare Part B.

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