South Carolina Medicare Supplement Plans

South Carolina Medicare Supplement Plans

South Carolina is the 40th most extensive and 23rd most populous state in the United States. It has a population of 5 million with 17% being seniors age 65 and older.

South Carolina Medicare Facts

  • There are 941,100 South Carolina residents covered under Medicare (2015,
  • Approximately, 233,000 beneficiaries have a South Carolina Supplement Plan or “Medigap” policy. (2015,
  • The most popular South Carolina Medicare Supplement Plans are Plan D, F, and N. (2015,

Copayments, coinsurances, and deductibles are certain out-of-pocket expenses Original Medicare does not cover . Medicare beneficiaries in South Carolina have the option to enroll in a South Carolina Medicare Supplement Plan to help cover these costs. To enroll in a Medicare Supplement, you must have Medicare Parts A and Part B. There are ten standardized Medigap plans with each identified by a letter from A through N.  All policies offer the same benefits with some plans offering additional benefits.

To see what your options are and the best time to enroll, call Plan Medigap at
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