Wyoming Medicare Supplement Plans

Wyoming Medicare Supplement PlansWyoming is the least populated state in the United States. There are 579,000 people with seniors (age 65 or older) making 15% of its total population.

 Medicare Facts about Wyoming

  • Wyoming has approximately 95,000 residents enrolled in Medicare. (2015, kff.org)
  • Around 44,000 beneficiaries have a Wyoming Medicare Supplement Plan or “Medigap” policy.  (2015, AHIP.org)
  • The top three popular plans in Wyoming are Plan F, G, and N. (2015, AHIP.org)

Since Medigap policies work in conjunction with Original Medicare coverage, to purchase a Medicare Supplement, it is important have Medicare Parts A and B. Reminder that Medicare Supplements are not a stand alone health coverage. It typically covers the “gaps” that Original Medicare does not cover. In Wyoming, there are currently are ten standardized Medicare Supplement Plans available, each identified with a letter from A through N.

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