Kansas Medicare Supplement PlansKansas Medicare Supplement Plans

Kansas is home to 3 million Americans with a senior  population (age 65 or older) making up 13.2% of it.

Quick Kansas Medicare Facts

  • Kansas has 487,000 individuals enrolled in Medicare  (2015, kff.org).
  • There are approximately 225,000 individuals enrolled in a Kansas Medicare Supplement Plan or “Medigap” policy (2015, AHIP.org).
  • The most popular Kansas Medicare Supplement Plans are Plan C, F, and N (2015, AHIP.org).

Seniors age 65 or older and enrolled in Original Medicare are eligible to purchase a Kansas Medicare Supplement Plan or Medigap. Medigap helps cover the costs that Original Medicare does not typically cover. There are ten types of Medigap policies with each plan designated with a letter from A through N. Medigap plans have the same standardized benefits for each letter. For examples, this means Plan F is the same across any insurance company that sells Plan F, just different cost of premiums. Ask Plan Medigap to see what carriers and plans are available in your state by calling us at (800) 750-2407, complete our quote page, or view the link below to request for information.