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questions for medigap supplements in tx

Here are some of the most common medicare questions asked over the phone:


Which doctors will take my plan?

Any doctor or hospital who takes Medicare is required to take supplemental insurance as well.

Does the Medicare Supplement plan cover Rx?

Rx plans come separate from any Medicare Supplement plan. So you have to buy the plan in addition to whichever Medicare Supplement plan you get. Rx, Dental, and Vision plans are usually pretty affordable. The Rx plans offered through us can be anywhere from $17-$60/monthly.

Does the Medicare Supplement plan cover Dental?

Dental insurance is separate from any medicare supplement plan. Learn more.

Is there a plan with a $0/month premium?

This is probably the most popular question! All medicare supplement (medigap) plans have a monthly premium. This is because the policies cover significantly more than the Medicare Advantage plan. Namely, medical bills! Many senior citizens switch from their Medicare Advantage plan to a supplement plan because it saves them a lot more out-of-pocket money in the end, especially if they have a pre-existing health condition or can develop one in the future. Paying a monthly premium can save you thousands in medical bills.

Do Medicare Supplement rates go up?

Medicare supplement rates can increase based on a few factors: age, location, claims, and the rising cost of healthcare. To continue to give you the best coverage(and stay in business), insurance companies have to do this.

Is Medicare Advantage better?

No. A Medicare Advantage plan attempts to provide well-rounded coverage by offering “a little bit of everything”, but by doing so actually offers poor coverage and protection in all areas. Out-of-pocket expenses are very high on Medicare Advantage plans and you are forced to work within a strict network that controls what you do and where you go. These plans are very dangerous!

How do I switch from my Medicare Advantage plan?

If you already have the Medicare Advantage plan, you can still switch to a medicare supplement plan. There are 4 months out of the year that you can do this. If you are still within your first year of the plan, you can switch at anytime, otherwise you will have to wait until October-February to switch. The main reason why people switch is to prevent medical costs from skyrocketing when they get ill.

Can I talk to someone local?

We are extremely grateful to not only help senior citizens in our area, but to everyone all over the nation. There are a few reasons why our help is the best help. We have access to the best coverage across the U.S. We can help you get the affordable rates that senior citizens all over are discovering. And we are a small company, so you will always talk to the same person who helped you. You won’t even need to contact your insurance company; we can handle all of your needs personally!

How much time do I have to sign up for Medicare Supplement Insurance?

Once you turn 65, you have a 6 month enrollment period, when insurance companies:

a) Cannot refuse to sell you a medigap policy;

b) Cannot charge more because of pre-existing health conditions; and

c) Cannot make you wait for coverage to start.

The 6 month enrollment period has it’s benefits, but it is not the only time you can sign up. If you are unhappy with the plan you already have, if you have the Medicare Advantage plan, or if you have never enrolled, you can always sign up for a new plan. There is a possibility that you will be limited in choosing a plan depending on what your current circumstance is, but we are here to help you find your best option.

Which is better? Issue Age – Attained Age – Community Related

These are the 3 pricing systems that insurance companies use to set their rates. The logic here is that rate increases/prices will be better for you, based on one of these systems. However, what we are finding is that every company will raise your rates regardless of your age or when you signed up. At the end of the day, it’s a wash. It is better to simply find a reputable company that has a competitive rate in your zip code. Ask one of our agents about historical rate increases. We can steer you in the right direction!

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Let our friendly, knowledgable and experienced team help! If you have a question that you do not see answered here, contact us and our team will gladly answer them for you.

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