Bankers Fidelity Assurance Company

Bankers Fidelity Assurance Company

Bankers Fidelity Assurance Company has been serving the senior market since 1955. While they do provide other insurance products, the Bankers Fidelity has been considered to be a leading provider in Medicare Supplements.

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Plan Medigap can assist in getting you a Medicare Supplement policy through Bankers FidelityAssurance. The company has obtained high acclaims for their customer satisfaction. The company has competitive rates and is known for its stable claims paying record.

With its headquarters in Atlanta, GA, Bankers Fidelity Assurance is licensed in 46 states as well as the District of Columbia. For the past 20 years, Bankers Fidelity has doubled the number of states where their policies are available.

Are you interested in a Medicare Supplement with Bankers Fidelity Assurance Company? See what Medicare Supplement plans are available in your state by visiting our quote page  or by calling us at (800) 750-2407!

Affiliated Names include: Bankers Fidelity Life, Bankers Fidelity Life Insurance Company, BFLIC, Atlantic American Corporation, Bankers Fidelity Assurance Company, Bankers Fidelity.