Do All Doctors Accept Medicare Supplement Plans?

By September 18, 2019Medicare Supplemental Plans
Do All Doctors Accept Medicare Supplement Plans

Age may be just a number, but it’s always a good idea to get acquainted with Medigap plans if you are nearing your 60s. Contrarily, if you have just turned 65, signing up for the best plan is the most logical and financially prudent thing to do.

If you already have signed up for a plan, you might want to ask if all your doctors accept KW Medicare supplement plans. By now, you must know that Medigap insurance plans equate with Medicare, which is basically your primary coverage.

So, if your doctor or hospital is receptive of Medicare, they will have to accept your Medigap insurance plan automatically. Also, it does not matter which insurance company’s plan you carry or the kind of plan you have.

Doctors that accept Medicare will not only charge you the pre-decided coverage amount but also file claims on your behalf. They will do so because they have already agreed to the terms and conditions set as per the policy plan.

This means that you will not pay more than your coinsurance or copayment and deductible amount. In simple words, the remaining portion will be covered through your Medicare supplemental insurance plans. However, this can and will differ according to the plan you have purchased.

On the other hand, not offering Medicare is a rare occurrence. In such cases, falling trap to the wrong sources of information makes matters go haywire. You should know that doctors that do not accept Medicare could bill you up to 15% more than their fees. Not only will you have to pay your fees in full, but you will also have to file your claims on your own. 

Choosing Doctors with SELECT Medigap Plans

Having a Medicare SELECT plan in hand will narrow down your options to choose doctors since this plan works with a network of preferred service providers only. For beginners, Medicare SELECT plans are sold in addition to the conventional Medigap plan in certain states as an option. Although the coverage of both the plans are similar, they are not the same.

The major difference between the conventional Medigap plan and the SELECT plan is that the latter works with a specific network of doctors. These networks are mostly region-centric or operate statewide. However, you may still be able to qualify to receive at least a fraction of SELECT plan benefits if you are located away from the specified network or area.

To avoid disappointment, it is only logical that you confirm from your doctor or hospital at the time of appointment if they accept Medicare plans. In case they do, take your Medicare along.

Also, knowing the name of the right plan is crucial since many times, people mistake their Medigap plans with Medicare Advantage Plans and vice-versa when setting up medical appointments.

Choosing Your Doctors with Medigap

Most doctors and hospitals accept Medicare health insurance plans and are well aware of the terms and conditions of your insurance plans. What you really need is to enroll for the best plan as per your individual healthcare profile.

If you are searching for the right Medicare insurance plan, or need more information before signing up, please feel free to get in touch with our expert representatives at Plan Medigap today. Dial (800) 750-2407 or head to our online form and let us know how we can help you!