Medicare Advantage or Disadvantage?

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Top Misconceptions about Medicare Advantage Plans


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“I’m still on Medicare.”

If you are on an Medicare Advantage Plan, you are not covered by Medicare A and B.

How we can help:  Medicare Supplement plans work in tandem with original Medicare, meaning your medical expenses can be covered at 100%.

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“My medical needs are covered.”

Under Medicare Advantage plans, claims for medical services, surgical procedures, primary care visits, specialist visits, home health care, physical therapy, mental health services, and perscription drugs are frequently denied.

How we can help: Any doctor or hospital that accepts Medicare will accept your Supplement plan, and any procedure, service, or therapy your doctor recommends will be covered by Medicare. Compare Medicare Plans now for more information

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“My coverage is clearly outlined.”

Without clear criteria, insurers have wide discretion in determining coverage. Medicare Advantage customers express frequent concerns about coverage gaps and hidden costs. Coverage information is not readily available or easily explained, leading to customer confusion and denied claims.

How we can help: Each Medicare Supplement plan has clearly defined benefits.  Our customers easily review the costs and benefits of each plan before selecting the plan best suited to their needs.

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“I can choose my doctor.”

Medicare Advantage covers a limited network of doctors, hospitals, and nursing facilities. Your approved list of providers will change year to year, potentially leaving you with fragmented care. Finding care while traveling may be difficult, too.

How we can help: Supplement plans cover any provider who accepts Medicare.  Your coverage goes where you go, giving you freedom to travel.  Some Supplement plans even provide limited medically necessary emergency care outside the country.

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“I’ll save money with Medicare Advantage.”

While most Advantage plans have low premiums, out-of-pocket maximums range from $4,000-$9,000. Patient costs of Medicare Advantage plans can easliy climb higher than those of combined Medicare and Medigap coverage.

How we can help:  Medicare Supplement’s low monthly premiums allow customers to plan financially.  Without hidden costs, our customers enjoy peace-of-mind, knowing exactly how much their care will cost when health issues inevitably arise.

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“My health may change, but my coverage won’t.”

“The insurer might want to keep you enrolled only as long as you’re relatively healthy.” Read more from Wendell Potter outlining the danger of staying with an Advantage plan once health needs change.

How we can help: Medigap coverage is guaranteed renewable. Your plan will stay with you regardless of changes in your health. Any doctor or hospital that accepts Medicare will accept your Supplement and any procedure, service, or therapy your doctor recommends will be covered by Medicare.

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“I’m covered in an emergency.”

Medicare Advantage beneficiaries commonly complain about denied benefits during emergency or urgent care.  On top of a health crisis, customers are hit with enormous out-of-pocket costs.

How we can help: A Medicare Supplement plan ensures coverage wherever medicare is accepted, including emergency facilities.

Medigap Plans

“The ‘Affordable Care Act’ won’t affect me.”

As a result of changing health care laws, Medicare Advantage plans have been de-funded. Premiums are  increasing, benefits are decreasing, and doctors are leaving networks. Changing benefits leave Medicare Advantage patients with less coverage while they scramble to find new providers.

How we can help: Medicare Supplements are not annual contracts.  The government has standardized each plan for simplicity, guaranteeing the exact same benefits year after year.

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“I can switch to a Medicare Supplement whenever I need to.”

If your health deteriorates while you are a Medicare Advantage customer, you risk becoming ineligible for  the comprehensive coverage of a Medicare Supplement plan when it is needed most.  Medicare Supplement plans require the insured to pass medical underwriting. Don’t wait until it’s too late!

How we can help: Plan Medigap contracts with over sixteen major insurance carriers, each with different eligibility requirements.  Let us help you find a plan to meet your needs, regardless of your current health.