What is Medicare Supplement Plan D?

What is Medicare Supplement Plan D

Medicare Supplement Plan D is one of the 10 standardized plans available in most states (Wisconsin, Minnesota, and Massachusetts have their own standardized plans.)

Medicare Supplement Plan D is designed to work in conjunction with your Original Medicare coverage (Part A and B). Having a Medicare Supplement can assist in some of the additional out-of-pocket costs such as deductibles, co-payments, and coinsurance. Even though there are 10 standardized Medigap plans available, each plan covers different portions of these costs.

Remember to not confuse Medicare Supplement Plan D with Medicare Part D. These are two entirely different subjects relative to Medicare. Medicare Part D is associated with Prescription Drug Coverage while Medicare Supplement Plan D is a Medigap Policy designed to provide additional coverage on healthcare costs. Medicare Supplement plans do not have a prescription drug benefit. If you are enrolled in Original Medicare (Part A and B) and need assistance with prescription drug costs, you may consider in enrolling in a stand-alone Medicare Prescription Drug Plan.

Medicare Supplement Plan D provides the following benefits:

  • Medicare Part A coinsurance and hospital costs up (to an additional 365 days after Medicare Part A benefits are used up)
  • Medicare Part B coinsurance or co-payment after meeting your annual deductible
  • Medicare Part A hospice care coinsurance and co-payment
  • Covers first three pints of blood per calendar year
    Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) care coinsurance
  • Part A deductible (hospital insurance)
  • 80% of foreign travel emergency costs after the first $250 (lifetime maximum $50,000)

Medicare Supplement Plan D does not cover Medicare Part B deductible payments or excess charges. You will be responsible for these costs. There are is no-out-pocket maximum in Medicare Supplement Plan D.

Where can I enroll in Medicare Supplement Plan D?

Medicare Supplement Plans are offered by private insurance companies. At Plan Medigap, we can help find the right coverage for your needs by comparing plans and rates from top carriers in your area.

Contact one of our friendly representatives to see if Medicare Supplement Plan D is right for you.

We can also assist you in signing up for a Prescription Drug Plan (Medicare Part D)!