When can I apply for Medicare Supplements?

By March 27, 2020Newsletter

When can I apply for Medicare Supplements?

You can enroll in a new plan at any time during the year! However, you do have to go through underwriting and your acceptance is not guaranteed (except under a few circumstances).

I thought I could only enroll during October through December. And I thought my acceptance was guaranteed regardless of my health!

October 15th to December 7th is the Annual Enrollment Period. During this time, you are able to apply and have guaranteed acceptance in a new prescription drug plan (aka Part D). This plan would not start until January 1st though.

Medicare Supplement plans, however, require you to answer a set of health questions and list your current prescription medications. You may also be required to complete a phone interview with the prospective insurance company. If you are unsure if you may qualify for a new plan, let’s walk through some of the questions together!