Does Medicare Cover Dental?

Dental Insurance Plan

Preventive and routine care is important to maintain good oral health. If you have Original Medicare and a Medicare Supplement policy, know that both do not typically cover dental care such as routine examinations, procedures, cleaning, fillings, tooth extractions, dentures and other dental devices.

There is an exception, for example, Medicare will cover any medically necessary incidences such as damage to your jaw due to an accident requiring reconstruction, tooth extraction causing diseases to the jaw, dental splints and wiring due to surgery. Medicare will also cover a hospital stay if it is needed.

Otherwise, any costs associated with dental care will be your full responsibility. However, there are several ways to get assistance in paying for dental costs.

Medicare Advantage Plans

A few Medicare Advantage Plans provide some dental coverage. There are certain limitations such as benefits can change each year. There also maybe a small network of dental professionals to choose from and your primary dentist might not be included.

Dental Discount Plan

Dental Discount Plans provide members with discounts on most dental services.  With a discount plan, participants will pay for an annual membership fee and have access to a network of dental professionals who have discounted rates for routine dental exams, cleaning, fillings, etc.  Dental care can still be costly high even though a discount is applied.

Stand-Alone Dental Insurance Plans

You can get more coverage if you purchase a stand-alone dental insurance plan from a private insurance company. There are many dental plan options but through Plan Medigap, you can get more coverage and benefits with our dental plan we have available. When choosing a dental professional, there are no restrictions or networks.  There is also vision and hearing care benefits since Original Medicare does not also cover routine vision or hearing.

When purchasing our stand-alone dental insurance plan, coverage immediately begins and there is no waiting period to see a dental professional for preventative services such as routine cleanings, fillings, extractions, bridges, dentures, other dental procedures and devices. Benefits also grow overtime.  If family members also need coverage, you will also be able to carry family members onto your individual plan.

In all, Original Medicare and Medicare Supplements do not cover any dental, vision or hearing care! Get comprehensive coverage through Plan Medigap. Call our licensed agents at 800-750-2407 to see what our Dental Insurance plans can offer you!